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Our Story

The Crown Jewel of Texas Creole Cuisine and Southern Hospitality

Brennan’s of Houston (no affiliation with Brennan's of New Orleans) has a rich history rooted in the 1967 opening as a sister restaurant to the world-famous Commander’s Palace in New Orleans. Incorporating the freshest local ingredients, we offer exceptional dining a la Texas Creole, including many original creations among our award-winning cuisine. From pan to plate to palate, our brigade of culinary professionals directs its overwhelming passion for food and hospitality at creating great memories for every guest every time.

Bananas FosterA frequent “top restaurant” among extensive local and national rankings, Brennan’s delivers memorable experiences amid a charming New Orleans-style backdrop. Superlative food and wines are enhanced by convivial service, a delightful ambiance that is strikingly elegant, and genuine Southern hospitality.

Dishes are passionately prepared and meticulously plated each day for hundreds of lunch and dinner guests with varying needs, interests, and backgrounds: coat-and-tie business professionals, well-heeled ladies that lunch, world dignitaries, special occasion diners, and patrons of the city’s arts. Not to imply that we’re a hot spot for jet setters (although many of our patrons have jets), our dining rooms are also filled with plenty of regular folks that just love Brennan’s great food. And, of course, there are the doctors, lawyers and Indian Chiefs that we know so well they’re like family.

Our unpretentious, efficient staff — a lovable band of misfits that range from Ph.D.s to those who couldn’t get out of high school quick enough — connects one-on-one with customers to pinpoint what truly matters, then tailors each dining experience to their specific desires to create lasting memories. For weekend diners, Brennan’s Creole Jazz Brunch remains a four-star tradition among Houston’s Sunday brunch enthusiasts. The air is filled with an abundance of tantalizing jazz music and the fragrance of fresh flowers; southern mainstays and twists on classic favorites are graciously served in sun-filled dining areas.
The Brennan's of Houston StoryWith menu selections priced at the mid-level of Houston’s high-end restaurants, Brennan’s is nestled on the quaint corner of 3300 Smith Street at Stuart in vibrant Midtown. Long before the Brennan’s name was placed on the New Orleans-style building in 1967, it stood as a Houston landmark, designed by architect John F. Staub, to evoke an image of the Vieux Carré. Originally housing the Junior League of Houston, the building endured for many decades as one of Houston’s most beautiful structures, even inspiring the neighboring development of Houston’s French Quarter. When the Brennans visited Houston in the 1960s to scout a restaurant location, the Junior League of Houston building became the ultimate serendipity, representing an almost-identical replication of the family’s original watering hole on Royal Street in New Orleans.

In September 2008, a two-alarm fire along with the whipping winds of Hurricane Ike engulfed the historic building in flames, leaving behind a brick shell of ashes...everything, that is, except a single awning bearing the Brennan’s of Houston logo that was prophetically untouched.

Over our 40 something year history, Brennan’s of Houston has survived floods, hurricanes, and economic downturns, taken a direct hit by a tornado, and been engulfed by a major fire. Our team has weathered each of those storms by remaining focused on the Brennan’s heritage, staying passionate, and turning those proverbial lemons into refreshing lemonade. To that end, Brennan’s 16-month restoration slated for early-2010 completion, reflects our soulful belief that tradition truly matters, including the replacement of a 40-year-old oak with twin oaks so that our guests will continue to be shaded on our welcoming courtyard. We’re also incorporating a slice of N’awlins on our patio, adding a fire fountain similar to the famous fixture at Pat O’Briens in the French Quarter.

At every level of our management and service teams, we revere the Brennan’s heritage by approaching each meal as a welcome opportunity to maintain an unmatched reputation for standout dining and lasting memories. We also embrace new ways to keep the restaurant fresh and progressive so that you’ll see us as, well, fresh and progressive as Brennan’s continues to evolve. And what other restaurant caters to its clients in sooooo many ways? — an evening theatre shuttle, cooking classes, a hotel-size ballroom, cook books and business books, chef for a day, and a chef’s table? Helen Hayes summed it up by noting that if you rest, you rust, and we’re neither resting nor rusting.

Our heartiest welcome to Brennan’s of Houston. “We’re so glad you're back! This way to your table, please.”