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Fun Facts and Frequently Asked Questions about Miller Outdoor Theatre

Where is everyone going?

Those in the know are headed to the Miller Outdoor Theatre.  

Since 1923, Miller Outdoor Theatre in Hermann Park has been one of Houston’s most beloved cultural treasures, a gathering place for the community and the site of thousands of memorable free performances. That’s 92 years of memories!

Miller is unique in the United States, offering an eight month season of professional, artistically-excellent and culturally diverse entertainment completely FREE of charge to the public. This is the largest "always free" program of its kind in the country and it attracts hundreds of thousands each season. From daytime programs especially for young children to family friendly evening performances of classical music, jazz, ethnic music and dance, ballet, Shakespeare, musical theatre, popular concert artists, films and more, Miller Outdoor Theatre is Houston’s best entertainment value.

What to expect at Houston's Miller Outdoor Theatre?

Leave the neckties and heels at home. Expect quality entertainment from around the world without the daunting dress code of a traditional theater. Miller Outdoor Theatre offers audiences a relaxed atmosphere, allowing guests to enjoy one another’s company as well as a great performance.

The price is right

It’s free!

To the Right, or to the Left?

Take a family vote on where you’d like to sit to enjoy the performance. Hillside seating is not reserved. Blankets and lawn chairs are welcome. Please note that lawn chairs must be placed on the left side of the hill. Sit on the right side of the hill if you prefer to sit on a blanket. Or, you may prefer to sit in the covered seating area.

How do you get a seat in the covered seating area for evening performances?

Approximately 1,700 new seats were installed under the canopy in 2009. Admission is free for all performances, but some evening shows (ticket_Symbol.jpg) require tickets for covered seating.  For those performances, assigned seat tickets are available, on a first-come basis and while supplies last, on the day of performance only between 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the box office behind the theatre.  A maximum of four tickets per person over age 16 is allowed.  Any remaining tickets are released one hour before curtain. 


Can I lose my seat even though I had a ticket?

All unclaimed seats are released 5 minutes before the show is scheduled to begin. We encourage all patrons to be in their seats 15 minutes before show time to insure that their seat will not be released. Again, there is NO charge for tickets.

Please note: At management’s discretion, all unoccupied seats may be released at any time for any reason.  

How do you get a seat in the covered seating area for daytime performances?

The Daytime Children’s Series offers teachers and parents alike an excellent opportunity to expose youngsters to the delights of the performing arts with a series of productions designed especially for children. Performances begin at 11 a.m. and last approximately 1 hour.  No tickets are necessary; seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Paper or Plastic?

You choose. But, definitely NO glass containers of any kind are allowed.

You’ll never go hungry here

Miller Theatre’s concession stand offers refreshments and other supplies for picnics. Purchasing concessions at Miller Theatre supports the free performances.
To find out what’s on the menu go here.

What to pack

Decisions, decisions… there are so many choices. Pack a picnic basket with fried chicken or caviar, it’s up to you. Bring a blanket or lawn chair. Definitely bring the whole family.  Yes, you may even pack alcohol.  But please, leave the glass containers at home.

Please turn off those cell phones and pagers

Photos and/or videos of performances are NOT permitted without the express written consent of the City of Houston.   Smart phones, cell phones, pagers… turn ‘em off!    Please be polite to those around you… everyone is here to enjoy the performance, not listen to you talk on the phone. 

A breath of fresh air

Smoking is prohibited in Hermann Park and at Miller Outdoor Theatre, including the hill.

Furry friends

Sorry, dogs are not permitted in the seated area.  As a matter of courtesy to those who are not dog lovers and those who are afraid of dogs of any size, we ask that you leave dogs at home during performances.

Listening Devices

Listening devices are available for the hearing-impaired at the Miller Theatre Security Desk one hour prior to curtain time. A valid Texas Driver's License or state issued ID card is required for deposit.  Please check the calendar for performances marked as audio described.